What is backpacking? (Best guide for beginners in 2023)

Wondering what is backpacking? Let’s start!

Backpacking is a type of low-cost, independent travel in which travellers carry all of their belongings in a backpack, sometimes referred to as a rucksack or packpack. Backpackers typically travel to a variety of destinations, often in remote or exotic locations, and may stay in a variety of accommodations such as hostels, guesthouses, or campsites.

They may travel alone or in small groups, and often engage in activities such as hiking, camping, and sightseeing. Backpacking is a popular way to see the world on a budget, and it allows travellers to experience new cultures and landscapes in a more immersive way.

What do you need for backpacking?

Asking what is backpacking is the first part. The second question that comes to someone’s mind is what you are the tools and equipment that you need for backpacking and how can you start? Let’s share more details!

There are a lot of tools and gear that you can use for backpacking (we have a lot of relevant content on our blog such as the Best backpack for women. Feel free to check those as well. There is a big list of equipment and store that can help you get the first parts. Our tip is to not over-complicate things! Just get the basic equipment and start exploring areas around your location, get used to how to pack clothes, equipment in your backpack, how to wear your hiking shoes, how to clean them up etc.

All these initial processes will help you as a beginner to get used to the process and see if you like it or not before deciding to invest more (time or money) into buying more expensive equipment for your camping, sleeping needs etc.

What is backpacking - For beginners

backpacking for beginners is a great way to explore nature


How is backpacking different than Hiking?

There are differences between backpacking  and hiking. Simply put the hiking can be seen as a small part of the Backpacking. The main difference is that the backpacking includes also the overnight sleep and the camping, meaning that typically when you backpacking you have to make sure that you are equipped with tents, sleeping bags, gear, camping mattress , and in some cases you need also a Sleeping Pad, together with supplies, Water Filter or Purifier and other very important parts to ensure that you can survive in the nature without any issues.

Is Backpacking easy?

Well, Backpacking requires skills if you want to ensure that you will not have any issues. So if you are looking on what is backpacking, then you certainly want to know more! There are a lot of courses and youtube videos that describe what is backpacking and can help you learn the basics of backpacking. As explained above don’t spend too much time into the theory. It is better to directly start and learn through the process.

There are great guides online to help you with backpacking


Pros and cons of Backpacking

If you are wondering what are the benefits and pros vs cons of backpacking, we have a great table to help you check some of the most important benefits and drawbacks of backpacking to help you decide if this is the right hobby or sport for you!


  • It is a great way to combine workout with nature
  • It helps you relax and remove stress
  • It helps flex your body and feel energized


  • It requires a lightweight and flexible body and thus if you don’t workout properly injuries might be observed
  • It is not easy for older people since it might require long hours of walking
  • If you have issues with your knees and back then it might be painful sometimes (always check with your doctor)


In this post we share more details answering the question of what is backpacking, how to start, what equipment you need and how easy it is to start. Overall backpacking is a great way to spend time in the nature, explore parts of the world, relax and open your mind getting great pictures and experience from the nature!