Best 4 man tent for camping

Finding a 4 person tent might not be an easy task! A lot of options. And most of the times while a tent says that it is for 4 man or 4 persons, the space is limited and it is not easy to find an alternative option during a camping. That’s why is super important to find a 4 man tent that has a great space.

How to select a 4 man tent for camping?

There are a lot of things you should look for in a 4 man tent.  The most important one is of course your space needs. This depends on your plans. Do you plan to use it with 4 mans, 4 friends, your family? Each case might have different spacing needs. If you plan to use it with 4 man then a 4 man tent might not even be enough (well it depends on how tall the 4 men will be).

The second factor which is very important is the tent height. If you go with 4 friends and one man is very tall, let’s say 200 cm then you might find it very difficult to fit there all together. Of course the floor size of the camping tent is also very important.

Finally you have to decide the environment and the use case. There are different types of camping tents available and thus buying a tent for hunting might be very different from a camping tent built for fishing where the tent needs to be water resistant or waterproof tents and hammocks that have high durability to the rain and waves or wind.

If you are looking for a 4 man tent, below you can find some of the best 4 man tents for camping  at a reasonable price!

KAZOO 2/4 Person Camping Tent Outdoor Waterproof Family Large Tents 2/4 People Easy Setup Tent with Porch Double Layer

Price: $139,90

4 man tent for camping


This tent can be found in 2 separate versions one for 2 man and another version for a 4 man tent. The tent is waterproof and it has 2 separate fabric layers that protect from the rain and the wind.

Is this 4 man tent ideal for camping?

Absolutely! This 4 man tent is ideal not only for camping but also for related activities such as hiking, fishing in a river, surfing in a lake or close to the sea, doing outdoor BBQ with friends or family and in general any adventure, parties and field trips where having a tent is ideal, especially when there are 4 persons.

Are there any windows in this 4 man tent?

Well, yes! There are 2 windows on the two sides to provide excellent ventilation and also can be adjusted to create the ideal temperature inside the tent. If there is a lot of cold you could just close both window, while if there is a lot of heat, you could open one or both windows in order to keep the tent at a great temperature.

Can this 4 man tent be use in extreme weather conditions?

Yes! Most of the KAZOO outdoor camping products and tents are built and are qualified for extreme weather conditions such as rain and wind. There is also a 2-year Warranty in case something goes wrong so there is not really a risk here!


Orrstar Pop Up Tents for Camping 4 Person Waterproof Pop Up Tent Easy Up Setup Camping Tent 4 People 2 Big Doors Instant Tent Family Tent

Price: $89.98


4 man waterproof tent


Built with Polyester, The Orrstar 4 man tent is a cheaper solution for camping of 4 adults or 4 family members. It is ideal mainly due to the Quick & Easy Setup (typically needs 20 minutes until it is fully assembled) as well as the high quality of the materials. Also there are pre-assembled poles that help even more the setup process of the tent. The dimensions are pretty big and can easily host 3-4 adults while it offers double windows that can ensure a great ventilation and a quick cooling or heating of the tent.


There are multiple options when selecting a 4 man tent for camping. The most important factors are the height and the dimensions of the tent as well as the built material and the setup process since due to the bigger size compared to a 2 man tent, these 4 man tents require a lot of time to setup and thus finding an options that has pre-assembled components can be really helpful especially in difficult weather conditions. In our post you can find a couple of options to buy your own 4 man tent for your camping needs!



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