3 Insane Must-Have Waterproof Hammock Updated 2022

Do you know what’s better than a hammock? A waterproof hammock.

The outdoors is a great place to be. It’s where we go to relax, unwind, and get away from it all. But sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate (or even when it does). If you’re in a hammock, what do you do when it rains?

You can either stay out of your hammock, or you can get one of these waterproof hammocks. So what are the 3 insane must-have waterproof hammocks for your next camping trip?

What should you look for in a waterproof hammock?

Here are the features you should look for when you’re shopping:

  • Durable material, like nylon or polyester
  • Easy to clean (you don’t want to have to worry about mildew and mold)
  • Easy to pack away when not in use, so it doesn’t take up all your room. The last thing you want is something that takes up half of your closet space!
  • Easy set-up – no tools required! It’s much more comfortable than setting up an umbrella over your head on hot summer days…or laying down on top of a wet blanket because there was nowhere else dry for me to rest my head after being caught in the rain unexpectedly.

Our Best Picks

Hammocks are a summertime staple. They’re great for catching some extra Zs, lounging by the pool, or just taking a break from the heat.

But if you’re getting ready to hit the beach or pool, you need to make sure your hammock is water-resistant—because who wants to be stuck with a soggy mess when there’s so much fun to be had?

But we’ve done the research for you: we’ve found some of the insane waterproof hammocks on the market right now. They’re durable, safe, and comfortable—and they’ll last you a long time!

Here are three hammocks that will keep you dry and comfortable no matter how wet it gets!

Price: $104.99

Get ready to experience the best of all worlds with this multifunctional and super-lightweight hammock tent!

This is designed to meet your different demands in camping, backpacking, hiking, outdoor trip and just hanging out and relaxing at home.

The mosquito net makes you keep away from annoying mosquitos or flies to have a safe and comfortable sleeping outside. The hammock tent for camping is built with strong durable 70D nylon fabric that can bear 440lbs weight, which provides more security for you when using it as a swing or ground tent.

Designed with mosquito net makes you keep away from annoying mosquitos or flies to have a safe and comfortable sleeping outside. The Hammock tent for camping is built with strong durable 70D nylon fabric

The whole package weighs 4 pounds only. When used with the rain fly, the hammock becomes a heavy rain waterproof tent with nice airflow.

This waterproof hammock is made from a strong, durable material that will hold up against wear and tear, so you can rest assured that this is one product that will last for years. It has been tested by our engineers and given the thumbs-up for keeping out moisture and critters alike.

Price: $59.69 – $59.69

Whether you’re camping or relaxing in your backyard, this hammock is perfect for you. It’s lightweight and portable—just grab it and go! You’ll be able to set up anywhere that has two trees, which means there are plenty of places you can use it.

The material is 100% waterproof, making it perfect for use in any weather conditions. This hammock can withstand rain or shine—and it even comes with a rain fly tarp and net!

The sturdy 500lb capacity Travel Hammock will hold two people at once, so you can invite a friend along for the ride. The attached netting provides privacy while still letting you enjoy the view.

The Rain Fly Kit gives you everything you need to protect yourself from the rain and wind with a generously sized waterproof rain fly tent that provides 32 feet of ridgeline space and Nylon Ropes for attaching to trees or other objects on your campsite.

Sunyear uses only premium quality materials: This portable hammock with a net is made of heavy-duty 210T parachute nylon and special tear-resistant nets which are guaranteed to withstand the test

Price: $72.99

It’s a jungle out there, and we’ve got your back.

We know how hard it is to find the right piece of gear for your next big adventure. That’s why we’re here: to help you make the right choice.

Our Jungle Explorer 118″ x 79″ Double Camping Hammock is designed to give you an easy experience while you explore the wilderness—whether that’s in your backyard or on an exotic trip around the world.

We know that some things are more important than others when you’re out in nature, so we built this hammock with a removable bug net and tree straps so you can rest easy no matter where you are. It’s also lightweight and rip-stop parachute nylon so it won’t weigh you down or tear under pressure (which we hear happens a lot when dealing with wild animals). Plus, the tarp will keep the rain off your head if things get wet!

Measuring 300 x 200 cm (118 x 79 inches), it can fit two adults, so you can relax with a buddy or just hog the whole thing for yourself. The hammock supports a maximum capacity of 600 lb., yet weighs only 36 oz. and takes up little space in your pack!

In addition to top-quality material and spacious design for comfort, it includes 2 long tree straps with 16 adjustable loops (750 lb.), 2 aluminum wire gate carabiners, 2 net ropes, and a hammock with a bug net(included). We also include 4 guylines, 4 aluminum stakes, and a waterproof rainfly(included).


If you are looking for the best hammock ever, then I would suggest getting one of the three I just reviewed! Not only do they each have their own unique features but all three companies offer a variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs. They also come with lifetime warranties so if anything happens to them, you know it’s covered!

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